Workshops That Facilitate Transformation

Workshop Objectives

  • Workshops are designed and delivered in your community to promote and cultivate a healthy and empowered community.
  • Objectives of the workshops are to facilitate community transformation one person at a time.
  • The workshops are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of the participants.
  • Pre-workshop brainstorming activities are completed to determine the workshop objectives and desired outcomes.

Workshop Overview

Leadership Training: This “let’s start today” approach is an action-now promoting workshop that explores leadership and leadership activities that lay a solid foundation for future generations to come.  This Leadership training applauds the leadership abilities of every member of the community. It will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and into the leadership circle.

Leadership Skills & Work Ethics Training in the Workplace: This workshop is designed to develop employment opportunities for participants who face greater barriers to entering the labour market.  Through participation in valuable leadership skills, work ethics and strategic life coaching the participants will successfully secure meaningful employment or self-employment.

Public Administration and Governance: This workshop is a hands on workshop that assists service providers with their administration and reporting requirements for government programming and funding.  Prior to this workshop an in-depth review of the current administration system would be beneficial as well as all documentation from government officials stating documented areas of concern.  This workshop will consist of six phases:

1) Review of current administration process  and supporting documentation is   recommended.  This process will identify and document target areas.

2) Recommendations for improvement to administrative areas of concern as well   as the forms, tracking system etc.. will be developed, documented and   presented to leadership.

3) Enhancement of administration system including documented step by step   administrative processes and new form development, if required, will be   completed.

4) Presentation of the recommended administrative process will be   presented to First Nations Leadership for modification and/or approval.

5) Once the above process is complete an in-depth training session will be   facilitated for all leadership and administrative staff.  This will also include   on the job training session for all leadership and   administrative staff. 

6) A follow up session is recommended to review the enhanced administration   process and to modify if necessary.

Community Program Development: This workshop will assist leadership and frontline staff in the development of creative programs that meet the unique needs of their community. This will include program development, community partnerships, participant recruitment, program advertisement, tracking success and reporting the outcomes of the program.  This workshop will also investigate funding opportunities and partnerships with government programs, corporations, foundations and other funding opportunities.

Empowering from Within: A powerful workshop that helps the individual explore and resolve past barriers that have limited or hindered the individual’s full potential.  This workshop explores the devastation and atrocities of injustices that have plagued society. This workshop will include an individual leadership plan that can be implemented immediately.  The leadership plan will assist the individual with their quest to live their life to its fullest potential.

The Power of An Eternal Life: A transforming workshop that focuses on the gifts that every person carries.  These gifts are presented in a way that empowers the participant to press forward and to see trials and tribulations as opportunities for building character.  Character that is required to fulfill one’s destiny and to mould future generations to come.

The Community (Family) : This workshop activates the leadership ability in all community members.  Every person is important and has an important role to play.  When your role is not fulfilled it not only limits your potential but also the potential of the community in which you reside.

Making the Choice to Love:  This workshop explores the reality of the hurts, pains and sometimes devastations we face as we journey on the path of life.  The obstacles that we face do not have to limit us.  Learn how to embrace the hurts, pains and devastations by becoming more than a conqueror.

Dismantling the Effects of The Residential School Experience:  This workshops explores the history and philosophy of the scars that colonialism has left on First Nations People. What is the truth that lies behind the injustices?  Is there peace, power and righteousness for First Nations People? Can the deception be broken? This workshop will leave the individual with a better understanding and a plan to stop the effects of the residential school legacy.

 Community Development that Embraces People: This workshop explores the beautiful facets of a thriving community. The power of “one mind and one accord” will be interwoven throughout the fabric of the community as we examine the power of unity and the legacy that this community unity can generate.

Partnerships That Generate Power: Living in the light of reason and ability can be painful when your spirit is hungry.  Technological advancements are progressing at a rapid rate. Has technology limited, hindered or stunted our spiritual walk? This workshops explores the power needed to thrive in the fast lane.

Specialized Workshops

Please be advised that specialized workshops can be developed and designed to meet your unique needs