Workshops That Facilitate Transformation

Workshop Objectives

  • Workshops are designed and delivered in your community, business or organization to promote and cultivate a healthy and empowered community and business culture.
  • Objectives of the workshops are to facilitate community, business and organization transformation one person at a time.
  • The workshops are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of the community, business or organization.
  • Pre-workshop brainstorming activities are completed to determine the workshop objectives and desired outcomes or your community, business or organization.

Sample Workshops:  

Public Administration and Governance:  This workshop will consist of six phases:

1) Review of current administration process  and supporting documentation is recommended.  This process will identify and document target areas.

2) Recommendations for improvement to administrative areas of concern as well as the forms, tracking system etc.. will be developed, documented and   presented to leadership.

3) Enhancement of administration system including documented step by step   administrative processes and new form development, if required, will be   completed.

4) Presentation of the recommended administrative process will be   presented to First Nations Leadership for modification and/or approval.

5) Once the above process is complete an in-depth training session will be   facilitated for all leadership and administrative staff.  This will also include   on the job training session for all leadership and   administrative staff. 

6) A follow up session is recommended to review the enhanced administration   process and to modify if necessary.

Finding and Keeping Good Employees

Communication and Productive Relationship Building on the job

Community Program Development

Leadership Skills & Work Ethics Training in the Workplace  

Empowering from Within


Dismantling the Effects of The Residential School Experience

Community Development that Embraces People

Partnerships That Generate Power

Specialized Workshops

Please be advised that specialized workshops can be developed and designed to meet your unique needs